IMPORTANT: Follow These Steps to Set up Your Fundraising Page

Tips for Success:

  1. When creating your fundraising account, be sure to click and sign up as a “Coach or Leader.” (Do NOT sign up as a “Student or Participant.”)
  2. We recommend you upload a photo (recommended pixel size: 1000W x 350H), a logo or personal photo (recommended size: 132W x 132H), and a YouTube video link (optional but highly encouraged) to your fundraising page.
  3. Complete the required information on the first page, accept the Terms and Conditions” and click “Create.”
  4. Now click the blue “Begin” button. (Do NOT click the join code link located under the begin button. This will make you restart the entire process.)
  5. You will be asked to choose a Thank-You gift, which is a membership to our discount network, the largest discount network in the nation. We recommend that you select a membership duration of 1 year.
  6. Enter an end date for your fundraiser. You can change the end date any time. (An end date triggers reminder emails, whereas if you don’t add an end date, no reminder emails will be sent.)
  7. Upload email addresses for potential donors to be added into an email drip campaign. (The drip campaign includes four generic emails evenly spaced over the duration of the fundraiser.)

How to Get Donations:

Check out the “Invite People to Donate” section where you can:

  • Click the “Email Friends and Family” icon to upload email addresses of potential donors. (We suggest starting with a minimum of 20 email addresses.)
  • Share your individualized fundraising link with friends and family via the text, Twitter and Facebook icons.


Mobile “Quick Join” to Include and Track Individual Participants:

  • Give individual participants the “Participants Quick Join” text code, and have them text it to (435)-222-2040. (The Participant Join Code can be found on the “OVERVIEW” page once the fundraiser has been set up and launched. The fundraiser leader has access to this code.)
  • Participants will follow the link texted back to them, and click “I need an account.” They will then fill out the prompts with their name, email, create a password and click “Create Account.”
  • Participants will click “Join Fundraiser.”
  • After this is done the participants will appear separately on tracking reports so that individual donation totals can be determined.

Monitor Your Fundraiser’s Progress:

  • You’ll find metrics reporting the status of your fundraiser on the “OVERVIEW” page.
  • If you click “View People,” you’ll be able to see all of your current supporters, participants and contacts.

You can also view an up-to-date dollar amount of donations you’ve received.

Great! You're all ready to go!

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